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Future of Kuwait

The global economy is always dynamic and technological advances is implemented in every sector. Kuwait has successfully been classified in the top tier of the world’s economy. In addition, the government is extensively working and developing new solutions that matches with the “Kuwait Vision 2035”. Hence, Kuwait is spending its way to new directions in favour of building a prosperous future. The process of achieving bright results encompasses economic diversification by investing in different industries. Currently, Kuwait is one step ahead in its plan and it is progressing as a regional hub for finance and investment. The General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Developing (GSSCPD) stated that the plan focuses on implementing private and oil sectors to act as pillars for enhancing Kuwait’s future.

In addition, Kuwait is working on heavily utilizing renewable energy resources by producing at least 5% of Kuwait’s electricity using renewable energy. In terms of the oil and gas sector, Kuwait Petroleum corporation has established a plan to invest $500 billion, throughout the next two decades to maximize hydrocarbon production while minimize any environmental impacts.

All in all, Kuwait is known for being one of the leading countries in the middle east, and it is known for being a beneficial and commercial hub. In addition, it attracts huge investors and create competitions that promotes efficiency. Moreover, the Kuwaiti Government provides appropriate infrastructure and inspires business environment. Kuwait’s new Horizon will be changing the future of the country and have prosperous outcomes globally.