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Our Keys to Success

Core Values

BITE's core values ensure that all projects are executed at their foundation international integrity, strict protocol and procedures.


The vision of BITE is to provide consistent quality and satisfaction to all clients and partners. BITE continuously demonstrate its ability to forge strong, long-term commitments to its company, its industry, and its customers. BITE is recognized and respected in the Oil & Gas, Education, and Power Sectors of Kuwait. Our vision focuses on building a level of confidence and commitment in the Oil, Gas and Power Industry while promoting high standards of accomplishment that ensure the prosperity of our company as well as our International Principals.


BITE is committed to provide the highest level of quality services to the Oil, Gas and Power Sectors of Kuwait. Also, BITE dedicate engineering and professional consultancy services. We encompass promoting not only the highest level of quality and experience in every project, but also providing a level of performance unmatched by its competitors. Additionally, our immaculate mission embeds creating long-term business plans and ensure that we deliver our solutions safely and efficiently.

Quality Policy

As a Company, quality Assurance is part of our promise; to always deliver the highest quality in the quickest, most cost-effective manner. BITE is committed to the highest standards of quality and professional performance in all of its business endeavours. Our business is committed to providing high quality services. Our services always aim to be appropriate for our Customers’ needs and satisfy their expectations in terms of functionality and value.


BITE employs over 400 highly competent, experienced and committed people across various sectors in our multi-organisational company. One of the most fundamental aspects of establishing a successful business is building a professional team that strives towards excellency and going above and beyond.


BITE ‘s safety performance is consistently on the high end which we believe is achieved through the continuous involvement of senior management and the high commitment of our skilled workforce. BITE always stresses upon developing a strong safety work culture and delivering superior safety performance that we achieve by employing dedicated and engaged safety leadership. Our dedication, to ensure high safety performance, has resulted in a significantly improved working environment. BITE believes that continuous lookout for improvement is required in our diverse working environment. As a multi-organisational company, BITE strives towards the goal of zero injuries and incidents throughout projects. Our specialised training programs emphasise personal and construction safety. Our Team always emphasizes on working safely as a condition of employment, and each employee has the right to stop any job they believe to be unsafe.

Previous Work

Since establishing in 1986, BITE has completed more than 60 key projects for internationally renowned companies including Agility, Schlumberger, Kuwait Oil Company and Baker Hughes. Headed by a team of 250+ experts who have pioneered projects in contracting, oil & gas, mechanical, and electrical, today BITE continues to be the partner of choice both locally and internationally. .