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Al Mutawa Family

Although BITE conglomerate was built in the brink of recent Kuwait history, it follows from a long family legacy that was built in the 1700s.

Al Mutawa Group is a merchant family that moved to Kuwait in the 1700s, who worked hard and expanded working in constructing Kuwaiti houses, and contributed heavily in the trading and sailing sectors

In the 1800s, Al Mutawa family were highly recognised and well reputable due to their exceptional contributions in various sectors that assisted the economic growth of Kuwait.

In the early 1900s, Al Mutawa group was taken to the next level with the booming of Pearl trade. His Excellency Abdulwahab Hajjie Al Mutawa was a key player in the real estate, construction, trading services and built great ties in a lot of countries in Asia. His Excellency Abdulwahab Hajjie Al Mutawa, along with his cousins, were tycoons in the field they entered, by building bridges and countries, welcoming technology and cultural transfers had enhanced the Kuwaiti market with the most innovative solutions.